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Extended Opening Hours for the Jack London Square Boat Show

This weekend the Strictly Sail Pacific Show is coming back to Jack London Square (April 10th to April 13th).

Baia Pasta is welcoming all the sailors coming to our neighborhood extending the opening hours of our shop:

Thursday 10th: 10.30 to 11.30am; 1-5pm

Friday 11th: 10.30am to 6pm

Saturday 12th: 10am to 6pm

Sunday 13th: 9.30 am to 3pm


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Artisanal LA Spring Show (April 26-27)

We’re heading South y’all! Come and splurge with us at the Artisanal LA Spring Show.

Artisanal LA showcases the best artisanal food vendors around the country.
Attendees shop a wide array of edible treats from butchers to chocolate makers, and enjoy programming like hands-on workshops, chef-led demos, expert panels and speakers educating guests on various food related topics as well as the opportunity to learn about non-profit organizations changing the local food scene in Los Angeles.

Can’t wait to be there…

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Old Oakland Farmers’ Market

We are super-proud to be finally able to start selling this Friday April 4th at the grittiest, most diverse and wonderful farmers’ market of the Bay (of the country?): Old Oakland, organized by our friends of Urban Village.

At 8 in the morning we will be hopefully ready (after all we are Italians and 8am is early!) to start selling our best selection of noodles.


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Spring Special

Spring into some savings on our Paglia e Fieno pasta!
Also known as “Straw and Hay” pasta, we’ve made the traditional mix of half spinach and half durum noodles in our popular Mohawks.
Adding a playful twist, we’ve also made a mix of half basil and half durum noodles in our new Elbows.

These delicious green beauties are on sale for $6/box (regularly priced at $8/box, a 25% savings!) until the end of the month!

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Baia Pasta @ Zingerman’s (MI)

After landing on the Creamery shelves we are now in the prestigious Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Harbor (MI).

Originally opened in 1982, Zingerman’s Delicatessen is an Ann Arbor institution, the source of great food and great gourmet experiences for thousands of visitors every year. 

It’s great to be loved. We love you too! One noodle at a time…

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We just went Full Circle!

Full Circle is a Seattle-based organic produce delivery service sourcing certified organic fruits and vegetables from local and regional farms as well as artisan-crafted products throughout the calendar year.

They service members in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Greater Seattle area as well as all of Alaska and select regions of Idaho.
In each area they thrive to bring the best of local fields to local tables.


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Wanna learn more about grains?


This is quite nerdy but hey, we happen to be super geeky when it comes to details.
Great info on Spelt and Kamut. Read the article.
We might actually try small batches of Einkorn soon, so, stay tuned…

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Baia Pasta in Portland,OR!

Our noodles are now available in two of the best food shops of Portland, OR. The butcher Tails & Trotters started to sell our pasta a couple of weeks ago and in the coming days will be joined by Foster & Dobbs.

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Get them before we run out. Just in time for Valentine’s day. It’s your chance to get “cheesy” without regrets…
Enough pasta for two, a small price, and a love card that works (guaranteed).

Much love and noodles.

Get them before we run out. Just in time for Valentine’s day. It’s your chance to get “cheesy” without regrets…
Enough pasta for two, a small price, and a love card that works (guaranteed).

Much love and noodles.

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Sweet Heart Special


Be sweet to your heart with our heart-healthy Kamut® pasta. Kamut® is a heritage wheat that has not been hybridized or genetically modified. It is delicious and wholesome: high in dietary fiber, minerals and protein. Kamut® is also a great choice for diabetics [low on the glycemic index] and people with gluten intolerance [highly digestible gluten].

All cuts of Kamut® pasta (all pink boxes) are 2 for $14* for the entire month of February.
For our online shop, just use apply the code LOVEKAMUT to your cart.

(*) Must purchase 2 boxes for discount. 

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